Friendly, Open, And Innovative

When he was a child, open-air cinemas were popular in rural areas, with simple film projectors and a white curtain. The adults and children in the village gathered in front of the screen at night, watching movies and eating melons and fruits. It has also become a good memory of Mr. Wang childhood. As a veteran movie fan, Mr. Wang has always been interested in projection equipment.

WANBOIn 2009, Mr. Wang entered the projection industry. At that time, the home projectors on the market were not only bulky in appearance and single in function, but also expensive, costing tens of thousands, and it was difficult for ordinary families to afford them.

In order to let the global public enjoy the fun of home smart projectors, Mr. Wang has been deeply involved in the projection industry for more than ten years, constantly focusing on product research and development and technological innovation, and finally achieved the world's leading patent breakthrough in smart projection technology.
In 2016, Mr. Wang founded the "Wanbo" brand, which means "unlimited happiness and boundless freedom". Through continuous exploration of the world of light and shadow, it extends to the wonderful fusion of technology and nature. In the all-encompassing light and shadow, the world Beautiful panoramic view.

Mr. Wang always believes that an ideal product should be an emotional link between people, so in addition to product performance, the projector should also create an emotional bridge, making the living space more "warm" and making the living space more homely. Technology creates more beautiful futures.

After the launch of Wanbo projection products, with excellent quality and good reputation, it has successively obtained a number of international certifications.

By 2023, Wanbo projectors will be launched on 20+ e-commerce platforms around the world, with a sales volume of more than 10 million+ units, continuously ranking first in the Southeast Asian smart projection market, and winning the title of "King of Cost-effectiveness" and "Excellent Value for Money" from consumers And other brand reputation, deeply loved by consumers.