Wanbo NEW T2 Max is coming

With the rapid development of the product intelligence industry, traditional projectors have been unable to meet the needs of modern young people. Numerous projector brands began to focus on small portable projectors, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional projectors’ bulkiness and not being able to move in order to make the projector smaller and more portable for more diverse usage scenarios.

According to reliable information, Wanbao will launch the upgraded version of the T2 Max - NEW T2 Max, compared to the former one, it has more superior performance. It continues the simple design of the T2 Max and provides a two-color option at the same time, which is undoubtedly a breakthrough. Wanbo NEW T2 Max makes a comprehensive breakthrough and upgrades on the basis of the T2 Max. The T2 Max was a smash hit when it was launched, winning first place in the Xiaomi ecological chain sales list and continuously ranking first in the sales of Southeast Asian projection markets such as China, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It gained good word of mouth “first projector for young people to get started” and “Bang for the buck”, and was popular with a great number of customers.



NEW T2 Max, on the basis of the original brightness, upgrade its brightness to 450ANSI. The brightness has increased significantly to 80%. Equipped with Wanbo self-developed AI algorithm system, it can focus itself when started, and clear itself w/o adjustment manually. The sound quality effect also has a significant improvement. With a bass frequency as low as 60HZ powerful bass, a professional internal magnetic chamber, and Hollywood Royal expert tuning, the sound quality has been improved by 80%. The super-large sound chamber allows users to be more immersive. With the volume of the sound chamber increasing by 297%, you can even an experience a live concert at home.

Wanbo NEW T2 Max also added a new noise reduction duct to embrace lower noise. Compared to the former one, its noise was reduced by 80%. With double whirlpool low-noise operation, it quietly guards your watching time. The built-in Android 9.0 system allows the interface to be simple and clean after it is started, and the operation to be more simple and smooth. It contains rich free film and television resources, so you’ll never miss wonderful videos. The NEW T2 Max also has a 1.2:1 projection ratio, and can project a 100-inch image at a short distance of 2.6m, so you can even experience the joy of a private video room or game room at home!

As an important piece of equipment for contemporary home entertainment, the small and portable projector can be used in multiple scenes not only to provide more stunning and realistic visual effects but also to allow viewers to enjoy a more private and unique audio-visual experience. Meanwhile, the projector can also protect the audience's eyesight, so that people can enjoy the fun of family entertainment more healthily and comfortably.
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