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8 Years with Wanbo

Congratulations! Wanbo is 8 years old now!

Eight years ago, facing a brand-new racetrack, we had neither supply chain support, nor a mature team and successful experience, and were confronted with numerous doubts. The industry winter arrived in the second half of 2016, compounded by the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. During that dark moment, we successfully overcame numerous difficulties and challenges, persevered, and launched the T2 Max in 2020, which became the sales champion of its category in the same year. Over these eight years, we have successfully launched 15 models and achieved rapid sales growth. Our team has grown from a few initial members to over a hundred now. With our unwavering perseverance and original aspiration, we have come this far.

Today, we have taken the lead in the LCD projector industry. After eight years of hard work, we have achieved evolution from 0 to 1. Next, we will embark on the journey from 1 to 2. It is crucial for us to excel in product development and quality, bringing customers a more intelligent and immersive audiovisual experience, thus establishing Wanbo as a more renowned global brand.

We attach great importance to technological innovation, continuously developing and upgrading new products in every aspect, from product functionality, manufacturing processes, to exterior design, solely aiming to provide customers with an even more exceptional audiovisual experience. Simultaneously, we will continue to expand our marketing scale overseas, striving to make Wanbo a globally leading projector technology enterprise.

The exploration journey of Wanbo over the past eight years, would not have been possible without the support and companionship of all our friends. In the days ahead, Wanbo will continue to uphold its original aspirations, continuously enhance the quality of its products and services, and embrace an even brighter future together with all our friends!

Best Regards,
Wanbo Team

Home Cinema

Choice of 500,000 Happy Users

Davinci 1 Pro (1).png__PID:8ac64565-70f6-485a-bbdf-b6c760c8a508

Wanbo DaVinci 1 Pro Projector Google Assistant Google os 1080P Home Theater Auto Focus 5G WiFi Bluetooth Portable Projector

$293 $399

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DaVinci 1 Pro

Projecton Revolution With the Newest OS

Mozart Series

Conquer your ears withhome theater

Mozart 1(1).png__PID:a1e6e02e-0a0a-44b4-8159-daa9142973ca

Wanbo Mozart 1 Projector PixelPro 5.0 full closed optical | 8W*2 Full-frequency speakers

$319.99 $399.99

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Mozart 1 Pro(1).png__PID:f6285a7b-dfb6-4760-88a5-08e791f90bdb

Wanbo Mozart 1 Pro Projector new upgrade | Android TV 11.0 Google Assistant Netflix 1080P DRM L1

$399 $529

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Portable Cinema

Tagore Series

New T2 Max-Blue(1).png__PID:8a36a1e6-e02e-4a0a-b4b4-4159daa91429

Wanbo New T2 Max Projector High Brightness

$179 $259.99

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TT (3).png__PID:e02e0a0a-34b4-4159-9aa9-142973ca4a43

Wanbo TT projector Netflix-certified

$279 $399.99

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T6 Max(2).png__PID:45bee9d7-3bb0-4679-be62-9f049c07108d

Wanbo T6 MAX Projector 2+16G Android 9.0 Mini LED Portable

$279 $359.99

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Professor Series


Wanbo X5 Projector Auto Focus High Brightness


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X2 Max-Blue (2).png__PID:cfc4236c-c931-47fd-b6b6-1d542df95746

Wanbo X2 Max Classic Aesthetics Fresh Renewal | HDMI | Native 1080PDual-band Wi-Fi 6

$179.99 $239.99

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X2 Max-Blue (2).png__PID:cfc4236c-c931-47fd-b6b6-1d542df95746

Wanbo X2 Pro Projector Native 720P Dual-band Wifi 6 | HDMI

$159 $219

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Galaxy Light

EVA Galaxy Light


Wanbo EVA Capsule Galaxy Light | starry sky night light projector | Dynamic meteor | Bluetooth 5.0 |Adjustable Bracket

$69.99 $99.99

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What Our Customers Reviews?

Mozart 1 Pro(1).png__PID:f6285a7b-dfb6-4760-88a5-08e791f90bdb

Le projecteur est au top parfait image comme son je suis plus que satisfait quant à l’envoie ils à durée moins de 2 semaine je pense 7 jours d’atttente ce qui est rapide j’étais surpris très content je recommande l’achat sur le site officiel qui est moins chère qu’Ali express d’ailleurs 😜😜😜

- Frédéric Millot -

Davinci 1 Pro (1).png__PID:8ac64565-70f6-485a-bbdf-b6c760c8a508

Ich mag die Projektoren von Wanbo. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis passt. Es dürfte nur mal ein 4K Modell mit ordentlich Klang erscheinen. Ebenso könnte man an der Trapezkorektur arbeiten das diese nicht unscharf wird wenn man sie vollumfänglich nutzt. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden. Der Mozart 1 Pro ist jedoch Heller, hat besseren Klang. Dafür ist dieser im Design schöner und ein wenig kompakter. Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Modelle von Wanbo. Ich bin bereits seit einigen Jahren Kunde. Weiter so.

- Christian Dhillon -

Mozart 1 Pro(1).png__PID:f6285a7b-dfb6-4760-88a5-08e791f90bdb

Got the Wanbo Mozart 1 Pro, its one of the best thing i bought until now. There are lots of projectors in markets but wanbo they did better then others like 4 k decoding, DRL L1, video quality , HDR, sharpness and specially the built in sound system love it. Thanks to wanbo support i have lots of doubt before i buy but they did reply and answer all the questions “Bella” thank you again for hooking me up with the Mozart 1 Pro. Definitely Mozart 1 Pro is to go for if u like Movies and playing games.

- Bijay limbu -

Davinci 1 Pro (1).png__PID:8ac64565-70f6-485a-bbdf-b6c760c8a508

It is easy to use and can play the contents of the mobile phone. The picture quality is good. The picture can automatically correct the focus. It feels very good to use!

- Morgan Faulkner -


The sound is loud and perfect for normal viewing. If you keep the volume at 25 or 30, it will be fully audible in the room. Yes, there are 5Wx2 speakers on both sides for a total of 10W of audio output. If desired, you can also connect external speakers or home theater via the 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth 5

- Marguerite Van -

New T2 Max-Blue(1).png__PID:8a36a1e6-e02e-4a0a-b4b4-4159daa91429

I've been looking for a good projector for casual use. I've encountered this. Earlier versions of the T2 Max had manual focus, so I didn't opt for that. The T2 Max New is a little beast. The autofocus works very well. 450 ANSI brightness is great. Since it comes with android 9 operating system, we can use it out of the box.

- Irma Jacob -

TT (3).png__PID:e02e0a0a-34b4-4159-9aa9-142973ca4a43

This projector is a good value for the money. I got it for movie night on the big screen and wanted something more portable and less hassle to setup. This one is great, it has a 1/4-20 adapter at the bottom and fits my tripod. It does have a surround sound feature to help bring the sound out and it is also Dolby Atmos certified. It has several built in apps It also has a 3.5mm audio jack if you want to output it to external speakers or headphones and you can configure your output setting on the projector.

- Evan Tubbs -

Mozart 1(1).png__PID:a1e6e02e-0a0a-44b4-8159-daa9142973ca

El Mozart 1 es perfecto para el uso doméstico, se ve genial, se ajusta rápido, la luz aunque no es excesiva es más que suficiente, su sonido increíble, materiales y construcción compacta y sistema operativo muy rápido. Estoy muy contento con la compra.

- Pedro J Zarzoso López -


With up to 1100 Ansi lumens brightness, Wanbo x5 produces the brightest color images on your screen or wall. Colors are more vivid than other projectors. As a high-brightness projector, the projection screen is clearly visible in room light.

- Joy Wat -

Mozart 1(1).png__PID:a1e6e02e-0a0a-44b4-8159-daa9142973ca

Muy buen proyector, cumplió mis espectativas, se puede ver la imagen aún teniendo luz, excelente sonido, recomiendo comprar la tela blanca antiluz y hacer un bastidor de madera para poner la tela, evitando las arrugas y a disfrutar el equipo!!!

- German Guerrero Muñoz -